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Latest Covid-19 news today 4/7 | Vietnam Corona Virus Pandemie today ADDITIONAL VIETNAM OR HOUSES 3/7: 353 MAJOR COSTS OF COVID-19 ENGINEERING HOUSES IN THE DAY TO 922 HOUSES HCMC: 91 EMPLOYEES IN PHUONG LARGE TECHNOLOGY PARK COVID-19 WELL CONCERNED PEOPLE CASE, QUALIFICATION OF SOCIAL DISTANCE IN HOI NHON City FROM TODAY LAM DONG found 4 more cases of COVID-19 17 CASES COVID-19 TRADE IN BINH PHUOC usually picks up goods at BINH DIEN CHAIN, KHANH HOA: FOUND MEETING 8 POSITIVE CASE RELATED TO TEACHING THE TRUTH 21 days of central dedication for people from the city of PHU YEN. THE JAPANESE WORLD DelTA VARIABLES continues the state polarization of ITALY in the south-east (AUSTRALIA) receives the number of annual CASES in the country Plan 1, 61 MOST OF ALL THE WORKS OF CAMBODIA COVID-19 is obtained the highest average daily score from the PORTIDA PANDIDATA ESTABLISHED IN A STRONG GOVERNMENT. THE 480 MILLION LARGEST ROCK CONSTRUCTION FOR THE WORLD PROPOSED VACCINES 2 NO ONE WANTED DELTA VARIABLES MORE THAN 70% OF CHILE CITIES DID NOT DESTROY THE FBNC (Channel Business News Channel) is a specialized channel on the economy-Finance, real estate, securities-Stocks, gold price updates, world news, 24h news, etc. with the desire to update the most accurate and fastest information for you and your friends. -Sign up for the channel to follow the latest news: FBNC Channel:-Fanpage:-Zalo:-Website:-Email: ————- FBNC CURRENCY INTELLIGENT – SMART LIFE #tintucfbnc #covid19homnay #covidmoinhat.

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