The PPU Board should no longer participate in Covid-19 processing

KOMPAS.TV – The Regent of Penajam Paser North no longer wants to get involved in the COVID -19 process, as he said he was hit by budget problems. As head of the region, Regent Abdul Gofur Mas’ud acknowledged that the purchase and processing of Covid-19 has caused serious problems, such as the purchase of disinfectants and masks in 2020 which is relatively expensive and required for normal price adjustments. Gofur admitted that he was frustrated and did not want to face the handling of COVID-19 unless there was a clear law in place. However, he did not give up in the face of coronary heart disease. Meanwhile, the Regent of Mamberamo Raya, Papua, Dorinus Dosinapa, has been charged with corruption in Covid-19 funds, worth 3.1 billion rupiah. Of the total 3.1 billion rupiah, 2 billion rupiah was used as the party’s budget to run in the 2020 elections. The remaining 1.3 billion Rupiah was earmarked for its own benefit. Don’t forget to stream Kompas TV live 24 hours non-stop so that you all don’t miss out on seeing the latest full, complete and live reports from many different parts of Indonesia. Also subscribe to the Kompas TV YouTube channel and ring the bell to get the latest video notifications. .

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