What should Ho Chi Minh City do to end the Covid-19 epidemic in the next 2-3 weeks? | Spotlight FBNC

What should Ho Chi Minh City do to end Covid-19 in 2-3 weeks? Last week, the nation’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic entered a more intense and intense era than ever before. ** CITY OF CHI MINH AND THE LIFE OF THE COUNTRY OF THE DAY IN TODAY’S MOST LOWEST HOUSE The most troubling problem in a city of 10 million people is the outbreak of epidemics in these. two most important districts of work. infectious diseases. ** 6 HOSPITAL ‘DELIVERING THE TRADE’ FROM THE CORON VIRUS URGENT. The Hospital for Tropical Diseases alone recorded 70 patients when the epidemic entered an unexpected location. What is the lesson here? ** Not only the hospital, FACTORY FACTORY is also a “GOOD bait” of COVID-19 when the virus spreads very quickly. Thousands of workers in Ho Chi Minh City have been forced to lay off or stop working! ** More seriously, with the number of new cases going on record in the past week, experts warn: THE CHI MINH CHURCH STILL HAS THE SAME SYMPTOM OF STEALING! In the face of a wave of severe epidemics, the health sector in Ho Chi Minh City is still holding strong: ** 3,500 HANDS IN CONVENTIONS 7 Specially designed in COVID- 19. It is clear that patients who must be treated in a specialist hospital to receive Covid-19 are not confused. ** With a new point of testing, monitoring and dedication, Ho Chi Minh City is determined to quickly eradicate the epidemic within the next 2 to 3 weeks. DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER VO DUC DAM has confirmed that it will not increase the massive power plant. Significant developments across the country: ** BAC GIANG FRIENDS TARGET TO CLOSE THE EVIDENCE NEXT WEEK ** VIETNAM will begin the largest vaccine distribution in HISTORY in particular, the largest vaccine campaign in the country Vietnam. What is most important in the south, to ensure the entire population reaches serial immunity by the end of 2021, the beginning of 2022? What will Ho Chi Minh City do to fight the invisible enemy of the corona virus, and end the F0 case in the next 2 to 3 weeks? What are the potential times and challenges of Ho Chi Minh City in the 2-week blockade? We invite you to see the results in FBNC’s Covid-19 Spotlight magazine here! ——————– FBNC (Business News Channel) is a specialized news channel on the economy-Finance, real estate, securities-stocks, price updates of gold, new world, new 24h, etc. With the desire to update the most accurate and fastest news for you and your friends.! -Sign up for the channel to follow the latest news: FBNC Channel:-Fanpage:-Zalo:-Website:-Email: fbncvn@gmail.com ————- FBNC Fund INTELLIGENT COINS – GOOD LIFE #tintucfbnc.

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